1000+ Block variations Available to Create Next Level Landing Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Block Variations?

WordPress has a feature called “Block Variations”. This feature enables users to create different versions of an existing block with unique attributes, inner blocks, and styles. The purpose of this feature is to make blocks more flexible and reusable.

How to Use Block Variations in WordPress?

Block variations let you create pre-formatted versions of existing blocks in WordPress. They offer more control than block styles by allowing you to define content structure, attributes, and inner blocks. To use them, you’ll need to add some custom JavaScript code. This involves enqueueing a script and using the registerBlockVariation function to define variations for specific blocks. These variations can include things like pre-filled content in columns or setting a default button color.

What is an example of a block variation?

Block variations are like templates that you can apply to existing blocks. For instance, let’s take the “Columns” block – a variation can be pre-configured with a certain number of columns, say three for a project intro, and even pre-fill inner blocks like “Image” and “Paragraph.” This enables you to create reusable layouts within blocks, saving time and ensuring consistent design throughout your content.

What are block styles?

Block styles in WordPress are essentially pre-defined sets of CSS classes that you can apply to modify the visual appearance of existing blocks. Unlike block variations that change the structure and content, block styles focus exclusively on how the block looks.