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List Of Features

  • CSS library for each element
  • Custom wrapper tag
  • Custom prefix text Pro!
  • Custom postfix text Pro!
  • Fixed Date Countdown
  • Ever Green Countdown Pro!
  • Scheduled Countdown Pro!
  • Post Term Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Author Name – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Rankmath Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Schedule Countdown
  • Ability to add a custom class
  • Custom Icon
  • Styles Component for each element
  • Custom Label Option
  • Search Terms – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Tag Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Category Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector Pro!
  • Dynamic Countdown Source
  • Block Variations
  • Advanced CSS property Pro!
  • In-built pro block variations Pro!


Different Countdown Types for Various Uses

Evergreen, fixed, and scheduled are the three main types of countdown timers commonly found on websites. Each has its own distinct purpose and benefits.

Dynamic Countdown Source

A dynamic countdown source is an external data feed or API that provides the countdown timer with its target date and time. This means the countdown isn’t limited to a pre-defined date or time you set manually. So far, we have added a dynamic source for WooCommerce Sale Price Date.

Custom Label With Position Option

Our Date Countdown WordPress Gutenberg block offers the flexibility of customizing the date labels displayed alongside the countdown timer. This enhances the user experience and helps to create a unique design. We’ve also options to customize the label position that unlocks the full power of flexibility.

Expired Arguments Conditions

This feature allows you to specify what happens to the countdown timer or its surrounding content once the target date has passed.

Redirecting to a URL

Redirect to a custom URL after the countdown has expired. You can also set a custom delay for more control.

Hide Cart Button

We have integrated WooCommerce as a third-party plugin, which allows you to hide the ‘Cart Button’ after expiration.

Show Expired Message

You can create a personalized message that displays after a specific time has expired.

Hide Countdown

The hide countdown condition causes the popup to hide immediately after the time has expired.

Show Element

Assigning a class or ID to an element on your website will activate the popup when that element is clicked.

Show Popup

This option is integrated with our Popup block. When the time expires, the popup will appear.

Items Style

The Item option is useful if you want to apply the same styles on each countdown item. We have included a maximum number of CSS properties on our Style Component. This Styles feature is so advanced that you can also customize CSS states like hover and add styles.

Custom Prefix & Postfix

Our custom prefix and postfix options let you add custom text before and after each countdown item. This way, you can take advantage of creating flexible design.

Custom Separator

Our Separator option is useful for setting a custom separator between the different units of the countdown timer (days, hours, minutes, seconds). It allows you to personalize the visual appearance of the countdown and match it with your brand style or website design.

Third-Party Integrations

We have integrated third-party plugin support for date countdown to make it more flexible. Additionally, our popup block has integration, so you can show or hide the popup based on countdown expiration!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is this countdown for?

You can use our date Countdown block for various usage like for a limited-time sale, for a product launch or Build anticipation for an upcoming event.

Does the countdown timer work on all devices?

Absolutely! Our countdown timers are designed to be responsive, meaning they will adjust their size and layout to fit any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Here’s why you can be confident about using our countdown timers:

Pre-made Variations: Our “Variations Library” offers a variety of pre-made countdown timer designs that are already responsive and will look great on any device.

Customizable and Responsive: Even if you create your own custom countdown timer using our styles feature, responsiveness is built-in. You can be sure your timer will adapt to different screen sizes.

What happens when the countdown ends?

Upon its completion, you can leverage our extensive post-countdown options. These include displaying a custom message, redirecting users to a designated URL, or activating a compelling popup.

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