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Post Blocks

Post Title WordPress Block

Post Title

Our dynamic Post Title Gutenberg block is customizable with HTML wrapper tag, styles, prefix/postfix, link, and UTM tracking.

Post Excerpt WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Excerpt

This block enables the ability to pull post excerpt from default sources, content, or custom fields. You can customize the read-more text, HTML wrapper tag, link, prefix, or postfix.

Post Author WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Author

Post Author block pulls user data dynamically such as avatar, name, and description. Customize order, HTML wrapper tag, URL, styles, prefix, or postfix.

Author Fields WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Author Fields

The Post Author Fields block enables you to extract data from a specific user field, such as user ID, nickname, email, URL, display name, first name, last name, description, avatar, etc.

Read More WordPress Gutenberg Block

Read More

Our Read More block lets you customize text, wrapper, prefix or postfix. With the help of our Styles component and CSS library, you can create an awesome-looking button with one click!
Featured Image WordPress Gutenberg Block

Featured Image

Display featured images of various sizes with customizable options to set title text, custom link, attributes, styles, custom HTML tag, and UTM tracking options for monitoring.

Post Categories WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Categories

Display categories of posts with customizable HTML wrapper tag, custom link, icon, separator, styles, prefix or postfix. UTM Tracking option is also available for monitoring.

Post Tag WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Tags

Display post tags with customizable HTML wrapper tag, custom link, icon, separator, styles, prefix or postfix. UTM Tracking option is also available for monitoring.

Post Tag WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Meta

Our Post Meta block allows you to simply choose the meta field you want to show and create a beautiful and informative presentation using our custom template feature.

Post Terms WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Terms

Post Terms block allows you to retrieve data from available taxonomy, with options to customize HTML wrapper tag, custom link, icon, separator, styles, prefix or postfix. The UTM Tracking option is also available for monitoring purposes.

Post Date WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Date

Choose from a variety of Date Format Variations with options to customize HTML wrapper tag, icon, link, prefix, postfix.
Post Comment Count WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Comment Count

Display the count of comments based on their status. The output can be customized with options to add styles, custom icon, HTML wrapper tag, link, prefix, and postfix.


Post Grid WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Grid

Our Post Grid block provides customizable grid and post layouts for creating a post-grid, with features such as pagination, search, advanced query, custom meta query, sorting, and responsive design.
Post Grid Filterable WordPress Gutenberg Block

Post Grid – Filterable

Our Post Grid Filterable block helps to create customizable filterable grid/multi-filters with advanced filtering options based on categories, tags, custom post types, and custom taxonomies.
Form Wrap WordPress Gutenberg Block

Form Maker

Form Maker block can help you to create multipurpose form with a variety of Form Field options. It’s very easy to set Visibility conditions or add actions on specific events like On Submit or On Process.
Content Slider WordPress Gutenberg Block

Content Slider

Our Content Slider block allows you to display different types of content, such as images, text, videos, links, etc. You can easily create a slider using our pre-designed variations.
Popup WordPress Gutenberg Block

Popup Maker

Our Popup Maker block offers customizable visibility conditions, including on-click, on-scroll, and on-exit actions, as well as options to modify HTML wrapper tags, styles, icons, and animations.
Breadcrumb WordPress Gutenberg Block


On our Breadcrumb block, We have added 30+ dynamic elements that you can use as breadcrumb items. Each item has settings to customize the icons, separators, labels, URLs, and styles.
Grid Wrap WordPress Gutenberg Block

Grid Maker

The Grid Maker block allows you to create responsive layouts in a grid format. We offer premade variations and our Styles Component can be used to customize the variations to meet your specific needs.
Flex Wrap WordPress Gutenberg Block

Flex Maker

With Flex Maker block, you can control how flex items should wrap. You can change alignment options like start, center, end, and justify. Our Styles component is always available to help you achieve any design.
Masonry WordPress Gutenberg Block

Masonry Grid

Our Masonry Grid block allows you to create a Masonry that can adapt to different screen sizes and devices. The dynamic nature and varied heights create a more engaging and dynamic layout than a traditional grid.
Number Counter WordPress Gutenberg Block

Number Counter

Our Number Counter block allows you to create animated counters that are highly customizable. You can easily change the font size, color, animation, and more. Additionally, you can run the counter on page load or scroll.

Icon Button WordPress Gutenberg Block


Customize the text, URL, HTML wrapper, prefix or postfix of your Icon/Button/Link block with ease using our Styles component and CSS library.

Progress Bar WordPress Gutenberg Block

Progress Bar

Our Progress Bar block is a great way to visualize your progress toward a goal. You can set the progress count with animation, customize the label with position, add icons from different sources etc.
Form Wrap


Accordion block allows you to add styles to the accordion header and content. You can customize the HTML wrapper tag, enable the search feature, add custom icons and Schema, and more.



Similar to the ‘Accordion’ block, the Tabs block enables you to create a collapsible content section with tab behavior and appearance. You can customize the styles, HTML tag, icon, etc.



Our List block allows for customization of the Wrapper and Items tag with styles, as well as the addition of an icon that can be positioned anywhere on the items.

List Nested Icon

List Nested

Say goodbye to one-dimensional lists! Our List Nested block allows embedding any block – from image to post grid – as list items, resulting in unique and engaging designs.



Adding an image from various sources is easy with our Image block. You can customize the image size, style, HTML wrapper tag, and display it as Lightbox.
Advance Text

Advance Text

Our advanced Text block is similar to the ‘paragraph’ but provides more advanced options. You can use it to display single or multi-line text, inline hyperlinks, text with formatting, custom styles, customize the wrapper tag, etc.


Layers block is a fundamental building block and is short for ‘division.’ It is a container or a block-level element that is used to group and organize other block elements, such as text, images, forms, and other blocks.



There are no differences between Layers and Layer blocks. But it’s recommended to use ‘Layer’ inside ‘Layers’ if needed. It helps other developers to understand the depth of HTML markup easily.
Image Gallery

Image Gallery

The Image Gallery block allows you to create beautiful and responsive image galleries with exciting features like Lightbox. You can customize the HTML wrapper tag, icon, styles, and more.
Star Rate

Star Rate

Star Rate block allows you to add icons from different icon libraries such as Font Awesome, IconFont, and Bootstrap Icons. It is also possible to customize HTML wrapper tag, styles, prefix, postfix, etc.
Social Share

Social Share

Our Social Share block supports a wide range of media elements, including the ability to display labels, share counts, set custom URL and customize the HTML wrapper tag.


Our Shortcode block has listed some shortcodes for popular plugins that you can generate with a click! All the available parameters will automatically show in a nice editable interface for easy customization.

Date Countdown

You have the flexibility to fully customize our Date Countdown block, including the HTML wrapper tag, icon, label, prefix, postfix, etc. making it perfect for promoting sales, launching new products, showcasing events, and more.


Terms Query

Terms Query

Query terms based on taxonomies from a post, product, or any post type using the Term Query block. You can use the term field block as an inner block to search for a specific term field.
Terms query item

Terms Field

Accessible only as a nested block of the ‘Terms Query’, the Terms Field is used to retrieve data from various term fields, including name, description, slug, or from a custom meta field.

Terms List

Our Term List block allows you to display a list of terms from a specific taxonomy such as categories, tags, or any other custom taxonomy that you have created.
Archive Title

Archive Title

On your archive page, display the archive title with customizable styles, HTML wrapper tag, icon, prefix, postfix, etc.

Archive Description

On your archive page, display the archive description with customizable styles, HTML wrapper tag, icon, prefix, postfix, etc.



Product Rate

You can use our Product Ratings Gutenberg block on a product page to display the average rating or user reviews of a product. You’re also able to add a custom summary with dynamic data.

Product SKU

It’s possible to customize the HTML wrapper tag for your product SKU and add a custom text, icon, prefix, and postfix. Also, you can quickly apply beautiful styles from the Block Variations.

Total Sales

Display Total Sales with a prefix or postfix, and add a custom icon, customize the HTML wrapper tag, and set a custom or dynamic URL.
Stock Quantity

Stock Quantity

You can easily set a custom link, icon and add a prefix or postfix on your product Stock Quantity. Also, it’s possible to customize the HTML wrapper tag from an SEO perspective.
block icon product info

Product Info

Our Product Info Gutenberg block lets you add product information to your posts and pages. You can customize info with prefix, postfix, icon, etc.

Product Price

You can use this Product Price block on a product page to display the average rating or user reviews of a product. You’re also able to add a custom summary with dynamic data.

On Sale

Customize On Sale and No Sale with custom text, the HTML wrapper tag, add icon, prefix and postfix. Our Style Component and CSS Library are present there to apply beautiful and creative style with ease.

In Stock

You can set custom text for In Stock, Out of Stock, and Backorder Text, customize the look and feel with custom icons and HTML tags, and add prefixes and postfixes for richer product information.

Add To Cart

You can display add-to-cart button on your posts and pages and then select the product you want to sell by passing the product or variation ID. You can also customize the style of the button to match your branding.

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