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List Of Features

  • Premade layout variation
  • Customizable flex setting
  • Block Transform feature
  • Have a graphical flex option
  • Style component for flex item
  • Custom wrapper tag
  • Post Term Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Author Name – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Rankmath Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Search Terms – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Tag Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Category Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Style component for the flex container
  • Block Variations
  • CSS Library
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector Pro!
  • Advanced CSS property Pro!
  • In-built pro block variations Pro!


Graphical Flex Options

Under Flex Options, we have added a graphical view so you can quickly toggle to different Flex options. So far, we have a graphical view for Justify Content, Align Items, Felx Direction, and Flex Wrap.

Item Style

Item style option is useful if you want to apply the same styles on each flex item. It also can be used to set a base style for all items, while still allowing individual customization for specific items through additional options.

Custom Class

Custom classes are important to make your HTML design more modular, reusable, and maintainable. We’ve the option to put custom classes on our Flex Wrap Gutenberg block.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flex in CSS?

Flex is a layout model that allows developers to create flexible and responsive column layouts.

How to create Flex columns in WordPress?

The easy way is to use a plugin. There is a popular plugin called Combo Blocks that offers a block called Flex Wrap. This block can help you quickly create a column layout by picking up variations.

Is Flexbox faster than Grid?

Flexbox is faster than Grid for simple column layouts because Flexbox follows a one-dimensional layout model. On the other hand, Grid is a two-dimensional layout. So, for more complex layouts, Grid can be faster than Flexbox.

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