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List Of Features

  • Contact Form
  • Login Form
  • Registration Form
  • Post Filter Form
  • Post submit form Pro!
  • Term submit form Pro!
  • Comment submit form Pro!
  • Opt-In form Pro!
  • Appointment form Pro!
  • Premade form variation
  • Custom wrapper tag
  • Input form field
  • File form field
  • Multi-file form field
  • Textarea form field
  • Visibility Condition – User Logged
  • Visibility Condition – User Not Logged
  • Visibility Condition – User Roles
  • Visibility Condition – is Years Pro!
  • Visibility Condition – is Months Pro!
  • Visibility Condition – is Week day Pro!
  • Visibility Condition – is Hours Pro!
  • Visibility Condition – is Date Pro!
  • Radio form field
  • Checkbox form field
  • Select form Field
  • Submit form field
  • Visibility with custom conditions
  • Custom Actions on submit
  • On Process Action – Send Mail
  • On Process Action – Logged in user
  • On Process Action – Register user
  • On Process Action – Create Post
  • On Process Action – Comment Submit
  • On Process Action – Term Submit
  • On Process Action – FluentCRM Add Contact
  • On Process Action – MailPicker Add Contact
  • On Process Action – Send BCC Pro!
  • On Process Action – Email Copy User Pro!
  • On Process Action – Auto Reply Pro!
  • After Submit Action – Response message
  • After Submit Action – Refresh page
  • After Submit Action – Logged out
  • After Submit Action – Hide form
  • After Submit Action – Clear form
  • After Submit Action – Redirect to URL Pro!
  • After Submit Action – Filter Posts Pro!
  • After Submit Action – Hide Popup Pro!
  • Custom actions on process
  • Custom actions after submit
  • Post Term Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Author Name – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Rankmath Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Search Terms – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Tag Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Category Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Block Variations
  • CSS Library
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector Pro!
  • Advanced CSS property Pro!
  • In-built pro block variations Pro!


Multi-type Forms

Our Combo Blocks plugin simplifies form management by combining multiple functionalities into one. No need to install and configure multiple plugins. We’ve added some most used and useful form types, listed below:

Contact Form

The contact form typically includes fields for name, email address, and a message box for user inquiries.

Login Form

Our login form offers extensive customization options for a unique look beyond the basic login form for your website.

Register Form

The register form is mainly used to keep track of authorized users and allows them to manage their own accounts.

Post Submit Form

Our post submission form essentially allows users to submit content (like blog posts or articles) directly from the front end of your website.

Term Submit Form

Our term submission form allows users to submit terms for a custom taxonomy, which is a way to categorize content in WordPress.

Comment Submit Form

This type of form enables visitors to submit comments on blog posts, pages, or other content types that support comments.

Opt-In Form

The opt-in form is designed to collect email addresses from visitors who want to receive updates, promotions, or other content from you.

Post Filter Form

The post filter form allows visitors to refine displayed posts based on specific criteria.

Appointment Form

This appointment form enables visitors to your website to easily book your services.

Visibility Conditions

Multiple conditions can be added under visibility to show the form when these conditions are met. Below are some useful conditions we’ve included:

User Logged

User Logged condition lets your form display specifically to users who are logged in to your website.

User Not Logged

User Not Logged condition lets your form display specifically to users who are not logged in to your website.

User Roles

Show a form to specific users based on their roles. You can add multiple roles and the form will display users that have those roles.

Is Year

Display a form for specific years and create custom conditions using comparison operators to meet requirements.

Is Month

Display a form for specific months and create custom conditions using comparison operators to meet requirements.

Is Week Day

Display forms by weekday and create custom conditions using comparison operators to meet requirements.

Is Hour

Display a form during specific hours and create custom flexible conditions using comparison operators to meet requirements.

Is Date

Display a form on a certain date and create advanced conditions using comparison operators to meet requirements.

On Process – Actions

A successful form validation will trigger customizable actions under “On Process”. Some of the included conditions are:

Send Mail

Send a custom email by filling out the subject, recipient email, and BCC email fields. Additionally, customize success and error messages.

Send BCC

Customize BCC emails by filling out subject, recipient email, from email, custom name, reply-to name and reply-to email. You can also customize success and error messages.

Email Copy User

Fill out the “from” email, custom name, “reply to” email, and reply to name input to send a copy of the email. You can also customize success and error messages.

Auto Reply

Set a custom auto-reply mail by filling out the “from” email, name, “reply to” email and reply to name. You can also customize success and error messages.

Logged In User

This action is primarily used on the Login Form to log the user in.

Register User

This action allows users to sign up for an account by filling out the Registration Form.

Create Post

This action allows users to create new posts by submitting the Post Submit Form. You can customize the post type, visibility (status), and other details by selecting the appropriate options.

Comment Submit

This action or event allows users to post comments on the Comment Submission Form.

Term Submit

This action allows users to submit a single term using the Term Submission Form.

Create Entry

This option allows users to add a new record to the database on form submission.

Newsletter Submit

This action is for the Opt-in form that allows user to sign up for newsletter by submitting their email address.

FluentCRM(Add Contact)

This action allows you to integrate user information directly into your FluentCRM contact list upon form submission.

MailPicker(Add Contact)

This option seamlessly integrates user information from your forms into your MailPicker contact list, simplifying email marketing and sending newsletters a piece of cake.

After Submit – Actions

Seven different options have been added to the After Submit panel. These actions will run upon successful form submission. The available conditions are listed below:

Show Response

This action will prompt a response message to be displayed after the form has been submitted.

Redirect to URL

After submitting the form successfully, you can redirect the user to a custom URL of your choice.

Refresh Page

By setting a custom delay option, this action forces the page to refresh.

Logged Out

When a user submits a form, the Logged Out action will log them out of their current session.

Hide Form

After submitting the form, it will be automatically hidden.

Clear Form

This option automatically clears all entered data from the form after it’s submitted.

Hide Popup

This option automatically closes the popup window after a form inside the popup is submitted successfully.

Error Message Style

Styling error messages differently from other text is crucial for Visibility and Attention. It ensures the user’s attention, preventing them from overlooking critical information. From the block settings, you’ll find an option called “Error Wrap” where you can apply styles differently with the help of our Styles Component.

Custom Class

Custom classes are important to make your HTML design more modular, reusable, and maintainable. We’ve the option to put custom classes on our Form Wrap Gutenberg block.

Third-Party Integrations

Third-party plugins can integrate with your forms to provide additional features like automated data entry and email marketing, making them more versatile and powerful. We’ve ready support for popular 10+ well-known plugins.


FluentCRM is a WordPress plugin for email marketing automation. It’s ideal for lead generation and sending emails from your server for free.


Mail Picker is the latest addition for email marketing and sending newsletters, making it easy to build unlimited subscriber lists and send unlimited emails to your subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are forms important?

Forms are an essential part of any website or application. They allow users to interact with the website or application in a structured way and to take action. Well-designed forms can improve the user experience and increase conversions.

How to display Form if a user logged in?

First, install a WordPress plugin called Combo Blocks and use the Form Wrap Gutenberg block. Then from the block setting expand the Visibility option panel. Here you can add a condition called User Logged to display the form based on whether a user is logged in or not.

How do I redirect after submitting a form?

There are a few ways to redirect after submitting a form. But the best way is to use a plugin called Combo Blocks. It has a block named Form Wrap that offers a lot of customizable facilities.
After inserting the Form Wrap block expand the After Submit option panel and choose the option called Redirect To URL. Here you can put a URL that will redirect to after a successful form submission.

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