How to create post comment submission form?

You can create a Comment form using the Combo Blocks plugin. This article will help you to create a comment form.

To begin, insert a “Form Wrap” block.


Then choose the “Comment Form” variation to make a comment form.


To proceed, please select the appropriate Form Type. As we generate a comment form, kindly choose the Comment Submit Form option.


Then click on the Wrapper tab to choose the proper wrapper tag. Now click on the Style tab and add some style. If you don’t know how to style an element, then read this document.


Now click on the Visibility tab to create a visibility rule. Here are some documents about creating visibility rules.


Click on the On Submit tab to add an action. Here are two action methods which are Validation and Confirm. Validation method for validating the input and Confirm for asking the confirmation on submission.


Click on the On Process tab to add the Comment Submit action.


Now click on the Comment Submit tab. Here you can change the comment status, add type and control the login required option.


Click on the “After Submit” tab to add some appropriate action. 

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