How to display plugin info from

Using our “wordpress-org” block by the Combo Blocks plugin, you can easily display a theme or plugin dynamic information. Also, you can customize the wrapper tag, add prefix or postifx, and design each element with our Styles Component.

To begin, insert our “wordpress-org” block.


Then, make sure under Object Type, you’ve got the “Plugins” option selected.


And most importantly, you’ve to add the Plugin Slug. For example, we’re using the slug name “post-grid” for our post-grid plugin from WordPress.


Where can you find the slug name? You can find the slug name in the plugin URL section.

We provide the maximum number of field options to display information about the theme and plugins.


And as always, our Styles Component is available on each element to apply styles.


That’s how you can display and customize plugin information with the help of our “wordpress-org” block. If you still need help, please create a support ticket on our forum.

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