How to customize icons for Product Ratings?

The Combo Blocks plugin for WooCommerce revolutionizes rating displays by offering customizable icons and styles within the “Product Ratings” block. Break free from conventional star icons and infuse your brand’s personality with unique symbols tailored to your products. This flexibility extends further with the ability to apply diverse styles, ensuring your rating system seamlessly integrates with your website’s design language. Embrace innovation and captivate your audience with bespoke rating displays that not only convey credibility but also reflect your brand’s distinct identity, elevating the overall user experience and enhancing engagement.

To begin, insert our “Product Ratings” block.

Expand the Icons option panel and you’ll see an option called Icons Wrap, here you can choose an icon.

Customize the icon’s idle style by navigating to Icons => Icons Idle and applying the desired style.

You can also customize the icon filled style by navigating to Icons => Icons Filled and applying the desired style like color.

After following these steps, you should be able to customize icons and apply styles for Product Ratings Gutenberg block. If you still require assistance, please create a support ticket on our forum.

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