What is the purpose of layers block?

The Layers Block in Combo Blocks Plugin stands for “division” or “section” and is used to group and organize other HTML elements on a webpage. It serves as a container or a block-level element that allows you to create logical sections or divisions within your web page’s structure.

The primary purpose of Layers Block is to provide a way to apply styling, layout, and formatting to a group of related elements. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) rules or classes, you can target the Layers Block and its content to apply specific styles or arrange them in a particular way.

Here are a few common uses of the Layers Block:

Layers Block are often used to create different sections of a webpage, such as header, footer, sidebar, content area, etc. You can apply styles to these Layers Block to position and arrange them on the page.


Layers Block can be used to group related elements together. For example, you might have a group of navigation links wrapped in a Layers Block to style and position them collectively.