How to use CSS library?

Combo Blocks plugin has various types of ready-to-use CSS Library. Just click on it, and CSS will be applied.

If you don’t know how to style an element, read this documentation, and if you don’t know how to submit a style in CSS Library, then read this documentation.

Using Combo Blocks Plugin, you can use several CSS properties. This article will help you to use the CSS Library.

First, add a block where you want to apply the CSS. For example, add a “Post Title Block“. 


Now click on the “Post Title Tab.”


Then click on the “CSS Library Tab.”


Now select the proper category.


Now you will find some CSS styles according to the category and select the preferred style to apply the CSS. 


You can also find CSS properties by searching for them. To search CSS library properties, enter the search parameter to find them.

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