How to customize Masonry wrapper?

Sometimes you might want to customize the HTML wrapper for your Masonry to match the design or from an SEO perspective. In this documentation article, you’ll learn about how to customize HTML wrapper tag for Masonry.

However, if you’re not familiar with the “Masonry Wrap” block by the Combo Blocks plugin please read this article about How to create masonry post grid.

To customize the HTML wrapper for Masonry, open List View and make sure you’ve selected the “Masonry Wrap” layer. Now, from the block settings, you’ll find an option panel called Wrapper where you can customize the wrapper tag. We have included h1 to h6DivSpan, and tags that you can choose from.


That’s how you can customize an HTML wrapper for a masonry grid with our “Masonry Wrap” Gutenberg block. If you still need help, please create a support ticket on our forum.

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