How to create category grid?

With the Combo Blocks plugin “Terms Query” block, you can easily create a category grid and apply styles that fit your needs.

To display query results in a grid format, you need to insert our Grid Maker block.

First, open the List View and select the Grid Maker. Then, click on the block inserter to add a ‘Terms Query’ block inside the ‘Grid Maker’.

Let’s delete any ‘Grid Maker Items‘ created because we’ll use terms query results as grid items in Grid Maker.

Now select the ‘Terms Query’ from the List View and excluede the wrapper tag. This action will enable the inheritance of all grid styles from the Grid Maker.

You’ll see the query results are displayed in a grid format. You can customize the number of columns, gaps, colors etc using our styles feature.

Now you should able to create a category grid and customize its appearance using the Terms Query block. For help, create a support ticket on our forum.