How to create an Image gallery?

Using the Combo Blocks plugin, you can create an Image Gallery. This article will help you to create an image gallery.

To get started, add the “Image Gallery” block.


Next, select a variation. For instance, I chose the “Layout-2” variation.


Then Click on the Wrapper tab of the Image Gallery block. Here, you can change the wrapper tag to H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, SPANDIV, and P tags.


Then, navigate to the Style tab of the “Image Gallery” wrapper and add style to the Wrapper.


After that, add your image from the media library or any image source URL to the Image Gallery Items.


Now go to the Image Gallery Block and click on the  Lightbox Tab. Now you can choose between Enable Lightbox option, True or False. Here True means enabled the Lightbox, and false means disabled the Lightbox.