How to customize In stock, Out of Stock, Backorder text?

With the Combo Blocks plugin WooCommerce “In Stock” block, you can easily customize the product status text for in stock, out of stock and backordered products.

To begin, insert our “In Stock” block.

Customize your in stock text by expanding the ‘In Stock‘ option panel from the right sidebar block settings. You can add your desired text and an icon as well.

To set a personalized message for out-of-stock products, simply expand the “Out of Stock” option panel and enter your desired text. This message will only appear if the product is out of stock. You also have the option to include a custom icon alongside the text.

You also have the option to set a backorder message and a custom icon under the Back Order option panel. This message will display when the product is out of stock but still available for purchase. It allows customers to order items even when they are not currently in stock.

After following these steps, you should be able to customize your In stock, Out of Stock and Backorder text and apply styles. If you still require assistance, please create a support ticket on our forum.

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