How to display Archive Title?

You can easily display archive title using our “Archive Title” block by the Combo Blocks plugin. You can customize the ‘Wrapper Tag’, add an icon, Prefix, and Postfix. Also, it’s relatively easy to add CSS styles with our ‘Styles Component’.

To begin, insert our “Archive Title” block. Please make sure you’re actually on an archive page!


Now, you can customize the wrapper tag from the Wrapper option panel. We have a variety of option tag support.


To customize the Label, expand the option called “Archive Title“. Here, you can add your custom Label with link or change the tag. Watch out for the “%S” variable. On the website front end, this will be replaced by the dynamic Archive Title.


Under the “Icon” option panel, you can change the default icon. It’s also possible to choose an icon from different sources like Font Awesome, IconFront and Bootstrap Icons.


Also, from the “Styles” tab, you can easily add style to the icon. 


That’s how you can display and customize your “Archive Title“. If you still need help, please create a support ticket on our forum.

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