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List Of Features

  • Custom HTML wrapper tag
  • Custom caption
  • CSS Library
  • Duplicate row option
  • Row style
  • Cell style
  • Heading style
  • Block variation
  • Styles Component for table elements
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector Pro!
  • Custom Attributes
  • Odd/Even selector Pro!
  • Advanced CSS property Pro!
  • In-built pro block variations Pro!


Table Colspan and Rowspan Attribute

You can set colspan and rowspan attributes on your table to merge cells together horizontally/vertically across multiple columns and rows. This can be useful for creating headers that span multiple columns or for combining data that belongs together.

Advance Odd/Even Selector

These selectors let you style your table rows differently based on whether they are in an odd or even position. This can be used to add visual interest to your table and make it easier to read.

Customize Table Cell Wrapper Tag

You can directly choose between wrapping your table cell content with either td (table data) or th (table header) tags. This simplifies the process and ensures your table structure is semantically correct.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gutenberg table block?

The Gutenberg table block by Combo Blocks is a special block that allows you to create and insert tables into your web pages.

Can I style the table?

While the default WordPress table block has limitations and lacks styling options, using the Combo Blocks plugin table block provides full flexibility to customize table rows, cells, and headings.

Can I add images, videos, or other content blocks inside table cells?

The default Gutenberg table block doesn’t currently allow nesting other blocks within its cells. This means you can’t directly add an image block, video block, or any other type of block into a table cell. But some third-party plugins, like “Combo Blocks“, offer extended functionality for the Gutenberg editor, including nesting blocks within table cells.

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