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List Of Features

  • Custom Wrapper Tag
  • Custom Gutter
  • Custom Masonry Item Style
  • Lightbox Feature
  • Nested Block Support
  • Post Term Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Author Name – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Rankmath Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Search Terms – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Tag Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Category Title – dynamic class name Pro!
  • Masonry item selector
  • Column width
  • Custom gutter
  • Percent position
  • Horizontal order
  • Masonry item fit width
  • Origin left
  • Origin top
  • Stagger
  • Resize option
  • Style Component
  • Block Variations
  • CSS Library
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector Pro!
  • Advanced CSS property Pro!
  • In-built pro block variations Pro!


Masonry Post Grid

You can showcase your post-grid in a masonry style, with customization options for post layout, pagination, and advanced queries.

Advance Masonry Option

If you want to have more control over the look and feel of your masonry grids, then our advanced Masonry Option can be a lifesaver. It can help you to customize gutter, item width, order, etc.

Masonry Item Style

Our “Masonry Item” option is useful if you want to apply the same styles to each item. We have included a maximum number of CSS properties on our Style Component. This Style feature is so advanced that you can customize CSS states like hover and add styles.

Lightbox Feature

You can easily enable or disable Lightbox from the Lightbox option panel. It allows users to view images in a larger format without leaving the current page. This can be especially helpful for displaying high-resolution photos.

Custom Wrapper Tag

Sometimes, it’s essential to customize the wrapper tag to match the design or from an SEO perspective. We have included h1 to h6DivSpan, and tag that you can choose from

Custom Class

Custom classes are important to make your HTML design more modular, reusable, and maintainable. We have the option to put custom classes on our Masonry Grid Gutenberg block.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a masonry grid in WordPress?

Masonry grid is a layout that displays images, posts, or other content in a grid format with varying sizes and dimensions. Unlike a traditional grid layout which has uniform sizes and rows, a masonry grid creates a more organic and dynamic look, resembling how bricks are laid in a wall.

What is the difference between grid and masonry?

Grid Content items have the same size and height, creating horizontal rows. It can be restrictive for content of varying sizes.

On the other hand, Masonry items can be of different sizes and heights, creating a more organic and fluid layout. It fills the available space more effectively, especially with irregular content.

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