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List Of Features

  • Custom Wrapper Tag
  • Dynamic Class
  • Custom Class Support
  • Custom Text Element
  • Dynamic Weight Element
  • Dynamic Length Element
  • Dynamic Width Element
  • Dynamic Height Element
  • Dynamic Dimensions Element
  • Custom Prefix
  • Custom Postfix
  • Advnaced Style Component
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector
  • Block Variation
  • CSS Library


Link Option

The link option on the “product stock quantity” is important because customers can access more detailed information about the stock, such as availability in different sizes or colors. With the help of our product Stock Quantity block, you can set a custom or dynamic URL on your product stock quantity.

Custom Icon With Position Option

Sometimes it’s important to have the control to customize icon position to create a more balanced and visually appealing layout. Not only we’ve options to set a custom icon but also you can customize the icon position.

Custom Style for Prefix and Postfix

Different styles offer greater flexibility when designing the appearance of your product stock quantity prefix and postfix. We’ve included our Style Component under the prefix and postfix option so you can create a unique and user-friendly design.