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List Of Features

  • Third party plugin shortcodes
  • User-friendly interface for addming parameters
  • Advanced CSS pseudo selector Pro!
  • Advanced CSS property Pro!
  • Dynamic class name Pro!
  • Powerful style component


Predefined Third Party Shortcode Support

Don’t bother trying to remember shortcodes! With Predefined Third Party Shortcode support, you can simply choose them from the block itself, saving you the hassle of searching through documentation. By selecting a predefined option, you avoid making mistakes and guarantee that the shortcode functions perfectly.

Dynamic Shortcode Parameter

Traditional WordPress shortcode blocks limit you to static parameters, meaning the content is fixed. Our block takes it a step further with dynamic parameters. This lets you pass in values that can change, like user input or data from your site. No more copying blocks for similar content, just adjust the dynamic parameters for each instance!

Shortcode Live Preview

You can see the final output of the shortcode right within the editor as you make changes. This eliminates the need to constantly switch between the editor and the live page to preview your work.

Wrapper Style

Styling the shortcode wrapper lets you design the container around the content, ensuring it perfectly matches your website’s look and feel.

Dynamic Class

We offers a powerful feature called “dynamic classes” that lets you adjust an element’s style based on changing conditions. Imagine a shortcode that displays the current year. With dynamic classes, the shortcode’s appearance can automatically update every year without any manual code changes.

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