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List Of Features

  • Custom HTML wrapper tag
  • Custom taxonomy query
  • Ascending or Descending order
  • Search criteria to match terms
  • Wrapper include or exclude option
  • Advance query terms Pro!
  • Custom item wrapper tag
  • Custom class for item wrapper
  • Set automated counter as item class
  • Set term item slug name as class
  • Set odd/even class
  • Custom item wrapper tag
  • Custom class for item wrapper
  • Set automated counter as item class
  • Set term item slug name as class
  • Generate odd/even class


Advance Query Arguments

We’ve included advanced query options such as custom taxonomy queries, customizable ordering, limit setting, inclusion or exclusion options, queries by slug or meta value, etc.

Custom Wrapper Tag

If you need to modify the HTML wrapper tag or don’t want it at all to better fit your requirements, we offer flexible options. You can disable the parent wrapper tag or set a custom wrapper for each query item.

Flexible Automated Class Name

You can activate or deactivate automated class name generation for each item element, making it easier to target dynamically generated items for styling purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms in WordPress?
A taxonomy term is a sub-category item within a taxonomy. You can assign multiple terms to the same post, which helps in organizing content. It is worth noting that a single post can have terms from different taxonomies.
What is taxonomy term in WordPress?
WordPress Taxonomy is a useful method for organizing different types of content on a website into categories and tags. This helps users to navigate the website more easily. Taxonomies in WordPress include categories, tags, and custom taxonomies, which can be modified to suit specific website requirements.
Why use taxonomy in WordPress?
Users have the option to sort and filter the information available to them, enabling them to find precisely what they are looking for. Similarly, tags are employed to categorize specific subjects on your website. This WordPress taxonomy proves to be beneficial when looking for specific posts that pertain to particular topics that may span multiple categories.

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