25+ Blocks Available to Create Grid, Sections and Landing Pages

Content Blocks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a content block?

The Content block is responsible for showcasing the distinctive content that you have added to your pages and posts. You cannot modify the content within this block directly as it automatically displays the relevant content for each page or post based on the chosen template.

What are the different types of blocks in WordPress?

The Block Inserter divides blocks into six categories: Text, Media, Design, Widgets, Theme, and Embeds.

What is a block theme in WordPress?

Block themes make website design easier by providing users with the ability to visually build and customize their entire site using blocks. These themes are designed specifically to work seamlessly with the WordPress Block Editor, enabling users to customize their site easily from the editor. This integration allows for an unprecedented level of customization directly from the editor, simplifying the process of designing and building a website.